Forms download (2016)

New. Updated on Jan 4th, 2016.

Graduate School Forms:
1.Transfer of Credits​-2016
2.Petition for Topic Approval-2016
3.Qualifying Exam Completion Report-2016
4.Plan of Study (With MastersWithout Masters)-2016
5.Dissertation Committee-2016
6.Dissertation Defense Report-2016
7.Candidacy and Special Request (online application)
      For the Dissertation Defense Report, students are required to attach his/her dissertation abstract which must include a brief statement to highlight the contribution of the completed research to the inter-disciplinary issues relevant to infrastructure and the environment, a list of journal publication records, and the dissertation signature page.
       Dissertation defense must be made public through the Weekly Dissertation Defense Announcement that is published by the Academic Affairs on Monday of each week.

INES Internal Forms:
1.Degree Audit-2016
2.Dissertation Defense Announcement-2016
3.GA Appointment Form-2016
4.GTA Evaluation Form-2016
5.Independent Study Agreement-2016
6.Independent Study Completion Forms-2016
7.Travel Request-2016
8. SACS Rubric (writtenoral)
    Both forms must be returned to the INES Director upon successful dissertation defense.